Lifestyle and Finance are not Mutually Exclusive

PennyTree helps users keep up with their savings habit by automating wealth as they build their lifestyle. Join our ecosystem.

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Penn Rules

Save on the go with your lifestyle automatically integrated into savings on PennyTree.


Make payment (buy airtime & data, pay for utilities) on PennyTree without hassle.


Make transfers to your friends and family in the Penn community via our Penn-to-Penn wallet feature for free.

Target Savings

Save consistently (daily, weekly and/or monthly) to reach your savings target and earn up to 15% P.A. No charges.

Personal Vaults

Lock or fix funds in a personalized vault for a specific period of time and earn 10-15% P.A.

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About PennyTree

PennyTree is a Lifestyle payment and savings application that helps you keep up with your savings habit and make payments. We are currently at a level where savings and wealth building are characterized by setting debit reminders and locking funds away in digital vaults. We thought we could even make this more seamless, fun and enjoyable by building an affinitive ecosystem; creating a clan of financially savvy customers who would automate wealth as they build their lifestyle. We make financial discipline fun, enjoyable and easy.

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